Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Jablum story part 2

 Today I am proud to be Jamaican

Mavis Bank remains a place where time seems to stand still. It is a corner of the world where modern conveniences sit quietly amid unspoiled terrain, where simple sounds and the slightest temperature changes are amplified. Favored by the ultimate combination of the ideal altitude, mineral-rich soil, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight, the berry grown in the Blue Mountains takes longer than other to mature. More time, some claim, for its rich flavor and aroma to develop. Others argue, for its signature character to evolve.
     Coffee aficionados agree- the JABLUM taste is wonderfully exotic- a balanced medley of fleeting richness, sweetness and tempered acidity. But it is the lingering experience, the haunting aftertaste that still defies description. JABLUM's coffee experience, after all, has been cradled in well-guarded tradition for generations.

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