Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill (CCM-16PC1)

I'm a self proclaimed whole bean coffee snob. I've owned several grinders over the years and have become addicted to grinding my own beans when I'm ready for brewing my trusty cup o' joe. Since I have an espresso machine, drip coffee maker, and a variety of french presses I can't just use the one-grind-fits-all approach. But why have 2 or 3 grinders taking up cupboard or counter space when I can now just use this?

The traditional whirling blade grinders take a lot of practice to get the timing just right depending on what level of grind you are looking for. More often than not I ended up settling for something a little too fine or a little too course. Enter the first burr grinder of my amateur barista world: I loved the consistency of it but couldn't get a fine grind for espresso. So for the last year or so I've had to use both...

No longer! This Cuisinart grinder has been a blessing from coffee brewing heaven! The variability of grind options is amazing with this machine! I can grind up my beans to a powdered perfection for espresso or chunky enough to make cowboy coffee worthy of Jack Palance's Curly from City Slickers.

As far as the quality concerns another reviewer mentioned it must have been a bad unit. I've used this one daily for over a month and not even a hiccup! This grinder is well worth the price!

Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator

Perked coffee is old school, to be sure, but a well-made cup of percolated brew is robust and satisfying in a way that drip coffee isn't. Not only does the percolation process provide a deeper and fuller mouth, I think, but a percolator, bubbling away, is a lovely sight and sound. If you don't like perked coffee, don't bother with any percolator. But if you are interested in something other than drip brew, consider this Farberware percolator. I'm not one to ooh and ahh over design, but this is a darned handsome piece of kitchen equipment. Take a look and the large picture and I will spare you the adjectives. :)
The stainless steel construction makes it sturdier and heftier than thin-metal percolators you might buy in the camping gear section of a chain store. While the name "Yosemite" evokes coffee bubbling over a campfire, I'd probably not use this on a wood fire to avoid blackening. I mean, this thing really is shiny and pretty. But as heavy-duty as it is, perhaps it would clean up well.
It's a capacious pot, making eight cups of coffee. The interior basket and rod are well made, fitting tightly together and clamping in place with the lock-down lid. It makes more coffee than my old electric percolator, but it does take up a burner on the stove-top.
Lastly, should you buy this unit, remember: Perked coffe may be good, but it's a danged sight hotter than drip brew. Of course, you'll probably figure that out for yourself...

Aloha Island Signature Diamond Kona Coffee Blend, Whole Bean or Ground, the Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

The Diamond II is great. Rich but very smooth, not bitter at all. This is one that people will try and comment on without knowing anything about the coffee beforehand. I ordered it as a present for my dad, who loves coffee, but as soon as he brewed a pot it disappeared because of the amazing aroma. Everyone would suddenly decide to have coffee once they could smell it. The only people who didn't seem to really enjoy it both drink coffee that I find revolting. My stepbrother, who regularly drinks coffee that's been heated all day, and his girlfriend, who loves instant coffee, thought it was too weak. My advice: if you really love good coffee, then keep the Kona for yourself.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Jablum story part 2

 Today I am proud to be Jamaican

Mavis Bank remains a place where time seems to stand still. It is a corner of the world where modern conveniences sit quietly amid unspoiled terrain, where simple sounds and the slightest temperature changes are amplified. Favored by the ultimate combination of the ideal altitude, mineral-rich soil, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight, the berry grown in the Blue Mountains takes longer than other to mature. More time, some claim, for its rich flavor and aroma to develop. Others argue, for its signature character to evolve.
     Coffee aficionados agree- the JABLUM taste is wonderfully exotic- a balanced medley of fleeting richness, sweetness and tempered acidity. But it is the lingering experience, the haunting aftertaste that still defies description. JABLUM's coffee experience, after all, has been cradled in well-guarded tradition for generations.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who like a little fruit in there coffee ?

 Have your Gloria Jean the way you want it

I'm not really a fan of fruity flavored coffees like raspberry chocolate frappa-mocha-cina or french vanilla twist or what-have-you, but occasionally I do like a hint of hazelnut in my cup of joe, and Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups handily fill the bill. The hazelnut taste is fairly subtle, blending well with the rich flavor of the coffee. I've tested brewing on all 3 settings on our Keurig, and prefer the medium and large cup settings in terms of coffee strength.

Buying these on Amazon ends up cheaper than pretty much anywhere else (yes, even cheaper than Bed, Bath and Beyond with the coupons) and the frustration free packaging is great. Open up the box with your bare hands (no wasteful shrink wrap to throw away or hard plastic that needs to be cut with a knife), and fold the box up for recycling when you're finished.

This is my second time ordering this set from Amazon and it won't be my last. And writing about it reminded me how good it is so I've just gone and made myself another cup!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Jablum story part 1

Up in the lofty Blue Mountains of eastern Jamaica, where daybreak must sift through the early morning mist, lies Mavis Bank, a small rural town. This is the site of Jamaica's exalted "black gold", the home of the Mavis Bank Central Factory, the domain of the world's beloved Blue Mountain Coffee, JABLUM.

    The Mavis Bank Factory was built on just five acres of land in 1920, when Victor C. Munn, an English planter and processor, established what would become a family business for generations. But the origin of Blue Mountain Coffee dates further back to the early 18th century when, in 1720, a few precious Arabica coffee seedlings were brought from Hispanola by the British Governor in Jamaica. This gave birth to coffee cultivation on the island, but its subsequent extraordinary growth could be attributed to the diligence of Haitian coffee growers who fled their island during its 1790 revolutions, and the enterprise of newly freed Jamaican slaves who retreated to the quiet of the Mountains to start new lives. The latter, now free to cultivate crops on their own lands, immediately claimed their share of the coffee trade. One thing had become clear to those who settled in the area- the coffee berry grown in the Blue Mountains was unlike any other. The Blue Mountains slowly became the focal point of those who began to take notice of the unique special qualities of the coffee produced there. Indeed, the dedicated farmers who cultivate the coffee berry boast of a long lineage between their families and the JABLUM's Blue Mountain Coffee.

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More on the lovely K-Cup

Introducing the new 50 count K-Cup package from Timothy's World Coffee. The same top quality coffee K-Cups are now available in a single 50-count package exclusively on This new larger package optimizes for our customers. It is more efficient resulting in both a lower cost and a green sensibility, given the reduced waste. You can find this package on our most popular K-Cups including Midnight Magic, Breakfast Blend, Kona Blend, Rainforest Extra Bold Espresso, and Decaf Columbian. So go ahead and explore all the great K-Cup varieties in the new 50-count package. 


K-Cup Brewing Process
The K-Cup brewing process allows you to make the perfect cup of gourmet coffee -- every time. No more guessing how much water or how many beans to grind, and best of all no more mess! Timothy's ensures that coffee is sealed immediately into individual K-Cup, protected from air and light until you brew them -- all you need to do is insert your K-Cup, hit the button and allow the Keurig machine to brew your next cup of gourmet coffee.