Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator

Perked coffee is old school, to be sure, but a well-made cup of percolated brew is robust and satisfying in a way that drip coffee isn't. Not only does the percolation process provide a deeper and fuller mouth, I think, but a percolator, bubbling away, is a lovely sight and sound. If you don't like perked coffee, don't bother with any percolator. But if you are interested in something other than drip brew, consider this Farberware percolator. I'm not one to ooh and ahh over design, but this is a darned handsome piece of kitchen equipment. Take a look and the large picture and I will spare you the adjectives. :)
The stainless steel construction makes it sturdier and heftier than thin-metal percolators you might buy in the camping gear section of a chain store. While the name "Yosemite" evokes coffee bubbling over a campfire, I'd probably not use this on a wood fire to avoid blackening. I mean, this thing really is shiny and pretty. But as heavy-duty as it is, perhaps it would clean up well.
It's a capacious pot, making eight cups of coffee. The interior basket and rod are well made, fitting tightly together and clamping in place with the lock-down lid. It makes more coffee than my old electric percolator, but it does take up a burner on the stove-top.
Lastly, should you buy this unit, remember: Perked coffe may be good, but it's a danged sight hotter than drip brew. Of course, you'll probably figure that out for yourself...

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